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We fully support every unit we sell. Simply contact us at and we will provide you with any help you might need in using any of our products.

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Wreelax - Best quality inflatable sofa bed repair and support item

We are now offering our repair services to anyone that has purchased an inflatable sofa bed which is not retaining air for longer than 8 hours when well inflated. We have technical expertise in-house to correct many types of defects including poor quality manufactured ones. As manufacturers of our our in-house brand, we also have the material in-house to make the repairs. 

Use this repair service under the following scenario:

  1. You purchased one of those expensive European inflatable sofa bed or a Chinese made copy and it does not hold air for more than 4 hours before you are on the floor or have to refill it, but your item does not show any signs of outer tear or puncture.

  2. You purchased an inflatable sofa bed and it used to hold air for a few hours but now goes down within less than an hour, but your item does not show any signs of outer tear or puncture.
This repair service is not for the following situations.
  1. You purchased an inflatable sofa bed from China or Europe and have been waiting nearly a month or more for it. For this we'll just suggest you by a Wreelax and receive it within days.

  2. Your inflatable sofa bed has been punctured or torn on the outside.  For this we'll just suggest you by a Wreelax and receive a new one that is lighter stronger and works better, within days.

Material and Design
By design virtually all the inflatable sofa bed products out there are defective. They use PE sleeve which does not have good mating surface properties to hold air well. They also have a lower strength to weight ratio which makes them heavy and hard to fill. Our inner sleeve material is made of researched new PE material that has a better surface and a higher strength to weight ratio. We have used it to fix defective or broken inflatable sofa for sever customer (please see our listing for repairing your defective or broken inflatable sofa at our ebay store.) You may also purchase the inner sleeve to repair your product yourself.

We repair the unit by replacing the wrong inner sleeve that comes with most unit, modify the lip region to ensure that it maintains an airtight seal when inflated and the lip is folded up. Then we conduct a 16 hour overnight test loading the inflated unit to confirm that it is indeed holding air as intended. Following it passing this test, we ship the unit back to you.

Inner sleeve replacement Wreelaxers last for hours when inflated

Description of Inner Sleeve Material
Dimensions: Various sizes
Thickness: 50 microns
Material: High strength re-engineered PE (we prefer to keep its technical name proprietary for now.)

SHIPS in hours.

Please also check our store for our inflatable sofa bed products and other outdoor products in case you want to purchase a high quality unit that you will receive in days.


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