Easy Inflating Sofa Bed. Made in the USA

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Wreelax (pl. Wreelaxers) is a cool easily inflating sofa bed requiring no mechanical pump. It is available in several colors. Very lightweight, includes pocket holders for cell phones, drink, and wallet, and holds its air for days. Wreelax is assembled here in the USA.

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Wreelax on the beach
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Wreelax in the playground
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Wreelax on the soccer field
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Wreelax in winter or spring
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Wreelax with pockets for cell phone and a wallet, tablet, or book
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Wreelax with pockets for a drink and a loop to fix it down while you go for a swim
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Wreelax and matching umbrella. Limited edition. Purchase those here.
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Wreelax and matching umbrella. Limited edition. Aqua Blue. Purchase those here.
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Wreelax tethered to umbrella using the loop. Purchase the inflatable sofabed and umbrella here
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